Your Local Massage Studio

Welcome to Natural Balance Massage, your local massage studio!

Over the years, our clients have described us in many ways. One of our favorites is “You are an oasis of peace and relaxation on the Berlin Turnpike". As a privately owned massage studio in Newington, we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, comfortable and safe. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, want maintenance for your hard working body, are having emotional difficulties or you crave some much needed relaxation and stress reduction we have a massage for you! We have recently renovated our space to create a serene, calming ambiance that envelops you as you enter. Ahhhh, breathe deeply and imagine yourself here.

Our staff of experienced massage therapists tailor each massage session to the client’s needs. We understand that your body is affected by physical, mental and emotional influences each and every day so our approach is holistic. As part of our personalized service, our massage therapists often research specific issues for their clients, give suggestions for home care and recommend other professionals when necessary. Helping you get balanced is the goal!

We use high quality all natural massage oils, lotions and essential oils. Clients are welcome to bring in their own products as well. Unlike other massage establishments, we don’t take time away from your massage session to allow for paperwork or dressing. You get the full stated time on the table. With that said, we know that sometimes 60 or even 90 minutes just doesn’t cut it, so our appointments are scheduled to allow for some extra time to be added on if necessary. For those who need a few minutes to shake off the “massage fog” that’s okay too! Take your time. Get up when you’re ready.

At Natural Balance Massage we want you to relax so we aren’t going to give you a high pressure sales pitch along with your glass of water before we let you out the door. Our philosophy is simple…keep the rates competitive, provide a clean inviting space, and show genuine concern for our clients health and well-being. At Natural Balance Massage we believe in the power of massage and want to share its many benefits with you. Find your balance. Go Natural!

By: Lynne Gavrilis