Explore Your Inner Yogi

Even though yoga has been around for thousands of years and is practiced by upwards of 20 million Americans, it is still a bit of an enigma to many.  Here I will attempt to ease some of your fears and show you just how fun it can be. 

Make believe. With pose names such as Warrior, Dancer, Wild Thing or Hero, you can pretend to be someone much more exotic than you actually are all while getting a workout! 

Massage. The internal organs are actually being massaged by the body as it twists and turns into different poses. No oil needed.

Breathing. Something we do all day every day without thought now becomes something to concentrate on and perfect. We will breathe for balance, for a sense of freedom, to expand our lungs and even to control our inner temperature. 

Gas. It happens. I think it may even be encouraged. Why else would there be a pose called “wind breaker”? 

Pretzels. Some yogis can contort their bodies into unrecognizable shapes but rest assured many years of practice went into making those joints super flexible. No one is expected to do any of that when they are just beginning. So don’t be shy. Do what you can even if you look more like a pretzel stick than a knot. 

Yoga pants. Those super comfy super slimming black leggings that you sleep / grocery shop / work in. Now you get to wear them with purpose!

By: Lynne Gavrilis