Sombra’s Natural Pain Relieving Gel is my new favorite product for all my aches and pains. I love it so much that I now offer it to my clients as an add on to their massage. It comes in warm and cool therapy formulas and both are alcohol free, absorb quickly and don’t stain. 

The cool therapy has a lemon scent and it works comfortably without a freezing sensation. It helps calm inflammation from strenuous activity and also works well on acute injuries. A client with nerve pain had quite a bit of relief after I massaged it into his legs and feet at the end of a session.

The warm therapy formula has an orange scent and it is very effective for warming up tight muscles before a workout. In session I use it on clients who have chronic muscle tension and pain either at the beginning to get things loosened up or as a finishing touch after deeper work.

Clients receive a sample so they can continue the treatment at home. Many have asked where they can buy Sombra gel so I have started carrying it in the studio. It is quickly becoming my best selling product!

By: Lynne Gavrilis