Local Massage Membership vs. Corporate Membership

After hearing about people being lured into memberships at the massage franchises, I started to wonder if I could offer a similar program to our clients without the high pressure sales, of course. While we do offer packages and discounts for referrals, loyalty and birthdays, I know a membership would help ” keep our clients regular”.  Most people are time challenged and often forget to schedule their massage.  Before they know it, their bodies are so tight and sore they wonder if they will ever feel good again.  When they finally make it into the studio, they are dragging and achy and miserable. They are also really happy to be here.  After the massage, they swear they won’t let so much time pass again but when asked if they want to book their next appointment they usually say something like “Oh yes but my schedule is so crazy I will have to call you”.  And they do, but by then they are way overdue again.  

I did some homework and found that corporate massage franchises have a “regular rate” that is well above most privately owned massage business rates. In fact, their pricing is closer to what a resort spa charges for a massage.  It's true that corporate franchise intro rates are lower than the everyday rates of most local businesses but this one time offer is used as bait to get you to join.  Once you do, you are paying the franchise member rate which is pretty much the same as what the smaller area businesses' everyday rates are. I don't see the advantage to this. Furthermore, if you don’t sign up on your first visit (I’ve been told the pressure is pretty intense) you will pay the franchise regular rate if you want to returnThis is approx. $30 more than other local businesses regular rates. On top of all that, the massage is usually 10 min shorter than a massage at a private practice.

So why do so many people go for this?  Because they aren't aware that better deals exist!  The franchises have big advertising dollars. They are on billboards, magazines, TV, online, and radio.  They sponsor events and support massage schools.  Because of the high visibility of massage franchises, the average person may not know that they have other choices when it comes to getting a therapeutic massage. 

With this information, I decided to give our clients the opportunity to reap the benefits of a monthly membership. Our program allows our members to get a full 60 or 90 minute massage at a great low rate. This rate applies to any massage they book in addition to their monthly session. They also get discounts on products, gift certificates and upgrades. The savings is real, not some imagined bargain on an over inflated "regular price".  The monthly charge is a reminder that it’s time to schedule and hey it’s already paid for so go get your rub already!  If they can’t make it in then they have the option of giving the session to their chosen associate member, keeping it for the next month or turning it into a gift certificate. 

There are no fees of any kind to have a membership at Natural Balance. Change your mind? No problem. Cancel at any time, no questions asked. The best part; no high pressure sales tactics and no hidden anything, anywhere, ever, at all.   We present the information and let our clients decide at their leisure.  Nothing can be worse than having to make an important decision while still in a massage fog!  When they are ready our clients call and ask to sign up. Of course they do. They know a good deal when they see one and they know the value of regular massage. They also know the importance of supporting a local business and the direct impact it has on their local economy. We love our clients. They are loyal and very smart!