What is a Couples Massage?

Some confusion exists about couples massages.  "How does that work?” I’ve been asked.  “Do you use one hand on each of us or do we have to wait our turn?"  Well, I’m happy to say neither.  Each client has their very own warm massage table with their very own dedicated therapist.  We don’t perform like a synchronized swim team. We each do our own thing which is determined by what our intake conversation with you reveals.  We may start and stop at the same time but other than that each client gets a massage personalized to them.

So what’s the point?  For some it’s just fun. Even though couples usually don’t talk to each other they are still sharing an experience. They may be celebrating an occasion or just enjoying each other's company.  Massage helps the mind and body relax which is a very nice state to be in together.

For others, it helps ease the first time nervousness that some clients feel.  After all, the thought of having someone you just met being in your personal space, touching you even, can be a bit unnerving. This is a fear that quickly dissipates.  When you are snuggled on a warm comfy table covered with clean linens in a dimly lit room surrounded by relaxing music, all your cares seem to melt away. Many first timers have told me that just that part of the experience alone was enough to keep them wanting more!

What if you aren’t part of a romantic couple? Not a problem. In massage, couples are any two people who want to be together in a room.  Also referred to as duet or side by side massage, this service is open to mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, sisters, cousins, friends or any combination of 2 humans. (Don't tell Layla & Chino)

Do you have a special occasion coming up?  Know someone who has never had a massage?  Are you looking for something different to do?  Now that the mystery of couples massage is cleared up, there’s no reason not to experience the magic and make some memories for you and a loved one in the process.