4 ways to keep neck and shoulders stress free between massages

Because of the various demands put on our bodies during our everyday lives, our muscles ache and can burn with pain.  Even if you get massages regularly you can benefit from a little self-care in between. Here are 4 very effective tips to help keep your neck and shoulders in good shape.

Take short breaks as often as possible. Change your position, move your shoulders and stretch. Muscles are made to contract so keep them moving!

Use heat.  A heat pack, warming pain relieving gel or a hot shower not only loosens tight muscles but the warmth is very soothing to the nervous system. Both effects alleviate pain.

Self-massage techniques such as these using a tennis ball or rubber ball are easy and effective. You can also ask a loved one to give you a rub. You may even want to print out a muscle diagram to help them easily locate your source of discomfort.

Choose the correct pillow for your sleep habits. The idea is to keep your head and spine aligned. Side sleepers need a higher pillow than stomach sleepers. If you sleep on your back your pillow shouldn’t thrust your head too far forward, nor should it allow your chin to raise.

When used regularly, a few simple self care techniques can go a long way in keeping you flexible and pain free.