Chakras, Auras, and Reiki Oh My!

To understand Reiki, it is helpful to have some knowledge about chakras and auras and how they relate.  In this blog series I will explain the basics so that you can make a decision whether you think there is something valid here or if it’s a bunch of hogwash.

Chakra (pronounced Chah kra or Shah kra) is the Sanskrit word for wheel. The chakra system is based on the belief that we have unseen energy centers in our bodies that spin like a wheel, a vortex even. Seven of them line up from the base of our spines to the top of our heads. Each has a corresponding color. The Root (red), Sacral (orange) and Solar Plexus (yellow) are the lower 3 chakras that deal with more physical matters. The 4th chakra; Heart (pink or green) is the link between the lower and upper energy centers. The upper three; Throat (blue),Third Eye (indigo) and Crown (violet) govern spiritual matters. Okay, stay with me now and keep an open mind!

The chakras correspond to organs, nerve bundles, the immune system and our emotions. The chakras are like vortexes that spin energy into, around or out of our bodies.  When we are physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy, the chakras are open and moving. Illness and disease of any kind negatively affects this movement. Conversely, when energy is disrupted in any of these centers it can contribute to physical or emotional illness or disease. It is widely accepted that emotional stress can cause many physical health issues so I have no problem with the chakra concept.

Auras are an electromagnetic field that surrounds all living beings. There are people who claim to see auras but I never have. What matters is that you feel them. If this sounds farfetched to you, stop and think of a time that you felt a “bad vibe” from someone. Or maybe you’ve experienced being around someone who just radiates goodness and you feel lifted when you are with them or even just think about them.   

Animals pick up on the energy around someone immediately and are either drawn to, or disturbed by, a particular person. That’s because animals “trust their gut” and don’t worry about peer ridicule.  Speaking of guts, have you ever had a “gut feeling” about someone or something? Have you ever been sickened by the presence of another?  If you have, it is likely that your 3rd chakra- Solar Plexus was activated in response to the person’s aura.  In scientific terms “the Solar Plexus is a bundle of radiating nerves in the pit of the stomach that relay messages from the visceral organs of the abdomen to the brain”.  In the practice of Reiki, the solar plexus deals with raw emotions, the digestive system and is the source of our personal power.  I find this pretty interesting.  If you do too, stay tuned for part 2.