Chakras, Auras and Reiki Oh my! Part 3

My own experience with Reiki began some 30 years ago. My sister Maggie found an online course in metaphysics and became a doctor of it. Yeah, I laughed too!  In her life she has worked in many fields including office work at UPS and a Vegas casino, teaching ESL and “bad boy school” and selling real estate, then later teaching the course.  She has since gotten her masters in dogmatic theology by attending a seminary. She is now a university professor. Oh and she also runs a dog rescue that she started while in school because she wasn’t busy enough. Yes, my sister is quite the character and she is the first person to introduce me to Reiki.

The doctor needed to practice her metaphysical stuff so being a supportive sister I agreed to let her “reiki me”.  I remember one time I had a serious headache when she was practicing on me. When she finished my headache was gone. The next time I had a headache I asked her to do her magic again. Again my headache disappeared. I decided to test this thing. I had her reiki my feet, my shoulders and my stomach when it was upset.  I felt better every time.  This convinced me that my big sister had special powers.

Years passed and sis and I all but forgot about Reiki. My sister was up to her crown chakra in dogs and exams. I was in massage therapy school and learning about all things unconventional. My mom, in the mid-stage of Alzheimer’s, was living with me.  I discovered I had cancer. I had surgery but the tumor had spread. Right before my 2nd surgery I saw an ad for a community Reiki event.  I felt drawn to it and went in with just one expectation.  I would feel better when I left.

I was paired with a practitioner who seemed nervous and I thought good, she needs the practice.  What happened next had a profound effect on me.  It deepened my understanding of Reiki and of the power of the body and spirit to heal.

Within 10 minutes of lying down, I felt as if I was in a gently rocking boat. It was a relaxing, rhythmic sensation.  Eventually, something shifted and I knew I was in a rocking cradle. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and safety.  My body felt heavy and immobile. My head started to turn slightly to the right then to the left. The pace picked up and I noticed my head was turning more quickly but I wasn’t consciously doing anything. At one point I felt another shift. I perceived it as anger boiling although I didn’t feel at all angry. My breathing became irregular and heavy yet I was completely at peace and observing my body.

My head continued to turn. I thought it was odd because it seemed that my head was agitated. Then it stopped on the left side.  I felt a churning sensation in the left side of my body where the tumor was. It started like a whirlpool then it increased in speed and intensity to a vortex.  I remember picturing a spiral of white smoke. Suddenly as if something exploded, I felt the vortex of spinning energy leave my body and dissipate. At that second I knew the cancer was gone on a spiritual level.  

The unexpressed emotions, the conflict within me and whatever else led to that tumor developing was now completely gone from my being. The only thing left to do was to have the physical remains taken out.  

Anyone who experiences cancer will agree that it changes you as a person. The experience of cancer being removed on a physical level changed my body but the experience of cancer being removed on an emotional and spiritual level changed my soul.  I believe that had I not experienced the healing power of Reiki and realized the impact that emotions have on the physical being, I would not have made such a complete recovery.