Add any of the following to your massage

Cupping Therapy- cupping uses gentle suction which stimulates tissues at a deep level by using pulling instead of pushing $10
Skin Glow Dry Brushing- Skin renewal using a dry brush stimulates lymph flow and improves circulation while exfoliating the skin. We brush arms, leg, back and torso and follow with steamed towels and jojoba oil to moisturize.  $15
Aromatherapy- The practice of using essential plant oils to enhance well being. Your therapist can help you decide which oil is most beneficial for you.  $6
Pain Break- Soothing treatment for sore spots. Using heat and all natural Sombra pain relieving gel to enhance your massage.  $6
Sweet Feet Sugar Scrub-  Organic coconut oil and sugar combine to soften and smooth dry cracked feet or hands.  $6
Honey Hands-  We bathe your hands in our cream containing unprocessed organic honey & aloe. Warming mitts intensify the softening effect.  $10
Warm Bamboo- warmed bamboo sticks make it easier to reach deeper muscle layers to relieve chronic tension. The therapeutic effects of heat also make this an effective tool for lighter touch massages.  Only available with Melissa.    $10
Pamper Package- Our skin softening Honey Hands treatment, aromatherapy with 2 essential oils, Sweet Feet sugar scrub with soothing hot towels and a tension relieving Pain Break treatment. Add to any service except pre-natal massage.    $30
Hand Rescue- (Winter months only) Enjoy a hand massage with aloe and vitamin E hydrating cream followed by a paraffin wax dip. Revitalizes dry skin and soothes stiffness from osteoarthritis. $15 or add to any service for only  $10

A 1 hour aromatherapy massage is followed by our Pain Break treatment for achy muscles, a Sweet Feet sugar scrub and a Warm Honey hand treatment.  $110